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Midwest Housing Resource Network

Across Nebraska and in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, the Midwest Housing Resource Network focuses on resiliency and long-term housing disaster recovery building the capacity of

  1. Communities to identify and address housing needs,
  2. Developers to utilize funding sources effectively
  3. MHDF to provide housing services and financing products.

Services from the Resource Network are available in all of Nebraska and Pottawattamie County, Iowa. The Midwest Housing Resource Network fosters connections between community leaders, developers and investors working to address housing needs.

Key components of the Midwest Housing Resource Network

  1. coordinating with 2019 natural disaster long-term recovery efforts
  2. leveraging partnerships with regional development organizations and other stakeholders. MHDF is committed to supporting and collaborating with current and emerging resources, not duplicating or replacing.
  3. actively pursuing goals and taking part in action steps identified by the Nebraska Blueprint Housing Industry Council with the guidance of state agency partners and industry leaders.
  4. technical assistance and capacity building demand- response strategy that includes a referral system with partners to simplify access for community leaders, developers, and investors as work continues for long-term disaster recovery.

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The Midwest Housing Resource Network does not currently have project and program funding available. Midwest Housing Development Fund, Inc. (“MHDF”) intends to identify investment opportunities and potentially secure program and project resources for communities, partners, and stakeholders as the Resource Network develops.

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